The process of unlearning| Writerque

I think not a single day goes without us learning something, now a days because of social media and so many platforms that are easily available for us to access, so many people use them to express their ideas, thoughts and so much more. We pick ideas, a differing perspective on so many things and what not, I think in the midst of trying to experiment with what you find fascinating just because that method worked in someone else's life you try to implement in yours too, I'm not saying that is a bad thing of course it's great, its a change from that rigid plan of yours but sometimes when you're unable to differentiate between what works and what doesn't, things you know get de-railed. I think when you listen to people and their opinions there's a very high chance that each one of them have a different way of seeing things which means each one of them can have different solutions to a single problem now if you get fascinated by all of their solutions and try to plan out of your life from that, you know that's gonna be a complete mess. All I'm trying to say is, everything you see, everything that others tell you about a thing, are just opinions, suggestions, perspectives and not orders or fixations. So before you make a decision to implement something in your life and it doesn't seem to work out, you should be open to the fact that, a single thing is not meant to work out for everyone and you should consider going back to your 'old' way of doing things Unlearning and therefore, re-learning automatically reveals our true self. And Unlearning isn't as bad as you think, humans are capable incredible things, unlearning does open your way to self-discovery you get more transparent about your personality, your choices because you eventually start eliminating thoughts in this world that you thought were of value but not to you and it's like you're more conscious about your next decision because it allows you to kinda predict the outcome of a specific action!? When you're open to this way of thinking, I guess you're no longer allowing the outside world to dictate your way life and then you're able to create a balance between the two and only absorb what you find, makes sense from the outside world.