The myth of a common get away| Writerque

I think sometimes, we're so dependent onto other people and just do whatever they do and then it turns into people in masses following one person and often just believe that what made them achieve a certain thing can be the gateway to theirs too and then they remain dependent on their ways to handle their own lives.

Let's just take a very small example, Highlighting and re-reading are told to be like really in-effecient techniques when it comes to studying but for me I've been used to this way, for super long and this is a part of how I actually learn things, but objectively seeing this ineffective but subjectively seeing it works pretty well for me, so I saw this x youtuber once and they really highlight the fact that it's like an in-effecient technique and I got influenced so I stopped highlighting and taking notes and stuff but I messed up then and I just learnt that there's like a huge possibility what works for others may not work for you and similarly what doesn't work for others may work for you, it's super important to explore new ways and it also makes us more known to what exists already and it ain't a bad thing, so what my point here is, try new things but you will understand if that isn't working for you, but just because it is labelled as in-effective by the society shouldn't influence you to stop doing that because chances are the way that society wants you to go through, that way won't work out for you ever, so keep doing what works for you. Additionally, it's great to discuss new idea and watch people over the internet implement them and you can do too, but instead of trying to adapt yourself to their way of life completely it's better to absorb things that you find the most appealing because the best way to change your life is by not changing your entire life, so just take small appealing qualities and things from things that you get a chance to get exposed to and start with implementing these little things in your lives and as a positive side-effect you'll see yourself becoming a unique and a combination of things that you aspire to be!