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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Planning and Preparation are useful until they become a form of procrastination, If you actually think about it, Isn't this true? I used to spend hours and hours to figure out what I have to do without actually doing something and later I started to realize the amount of time we spend thinking the less amount of time we actually spend doing it.

Sometimes I feel that there is a big difference, I used to spend hours and hours to figure out what I have to do without actually doing something and later I started to realize the amount of time we spend thinking the less amount of time we actually spend doing it.

I am not saying you shouldn't optimize before you do your work it's important to understand where does the line draw. If you're planning to start a business I'm sure that's not good idea to not plan at all but spending excessive amount of time into getting your ideas in a format or a row or anything will definitely not allow you to take action for the plan you made in the first place. Let's say I plan on writing a blog, I will allow myself to read let's suppose 2-3 blogs and then I believe it's time to step back and actually get some work done. If there is no line drawn for you, draw one for yourself. Now let's try to figure out what makes us fall into the same old loop+ what can be done to overcome those

  1. Expectations - We expect results from the things we do way too quick, somethings take time other don't It's important to realize that the thing you quit today could've given your desired result tomorrow or if you expected to reach your goal in the next two years there's a high probability that you end up reaching your goal in the next 3 years or who knows in the next 5 years? But if you quit based on the fact that you didn't reach your goal during the time you expected it to be then without a doubt the goal you were about to reach was left half way through and you could've probably achieved it if you realized the importance of getting along with systems rather than goals would yeild much better results because you're not dependent on the outcome of your external hopes you just keep going, or the other way could be you break down your goals into little chunks so that you feel that when you reach that bit you don't feel the goal is useless and that you're making a progress to keep it going.

  2. Pressured- It's normal to feel overwhelmed but it's also important to get over this phase, I remember during the exam phase I get overwhelmed by How I'll cover my syllabus I used to feel pressured over the fact that I forget what I learn and one of the subjects that I ALMOST failed at, Math. Everyone feels the same about it. But it was because I had no plans to get it right, I came to understand that we don't get to choose how much work we get but we for sure get to choose how well it get's done. I break things down, for most of the part. I prefer getting things done than to keep thinking how much there is to and there are a lot of ways you can stop feeling overwhelmed. Make time out for yourself much more and then try figure out what's making you stay into this state, break things down, take it easy and get it done.

  3. You dislike the work- It's not fun at all when the work you do is boring, but have you ever thought about making your work enjoyable? Often when I am no mood to write blogs I often listen to some good songs that energize myself, it makes me feel cheered up but this is not the only way to make your work interesting, when I study subjects such as Physics I often study for 25 minutes then 5-10 minutes of having snacks (I also make sure to exercise lol) But because food is something which drives me crazy I often reward myself with a treat after studying a subject for which I Don't have sufficient amount of braincells but still via rewarding myself I atleast get the work done.

It's also important to understand the difference in outcomes when you take things as a liability rather than an Opportunity, when I am supposed to learn something And I don't want to, I think about why I chose to do it in the first place and I also think that when I am gonna study this, It wont just be for my exams but also I'll get a chance to enhance my knowledge and somewhere I also think it'll make me cooler than others It may be selfish to think that But my end goal is to get the work done to whatever method works right.

Sometimes you need to also make note of the environment you live in, get the right peaceful environment with the least amount of distractions! If you get work done, Only then you need to realize that it's important to take breaks in between . Get yourself some good time, chill out and just don't think about work for that moment.

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