Language Learning resources for french learners! Writerque

I've been learning french for quite a while now, and here's a list of resources that I personally find really useful!


  1. Jo franco

  2. Easy french

  3. Cyprien

  4. Learn french with alexa

  5. Le Rire Jaune

  6. Piece of french

  7. Enjoy Phoenix

  8. Enjoy Vlogging

  9. Damon and Jo

  10. French mornings with elisa

French Music Artists-

  1. SARA'H- she sings english songs in french!

  2. Chloe stalfer

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  1. Top french songs (on YouTube)

  2. Indila

  3. Black M

Tv shows/Movies

  1. Lupin

  2. “Dix pour cent” (“Call My Agent!”)

  3. La forét (The forest)

  4. Marianne

  5. “Le bureau des légendes” (The Bureau”)

Apps and miscellaneous-

  1. 100 most common french verbs-

  2. French words and phrases-

  3. 1000 most common french words-

  4. APPS- Memrise, bussu Hello talk, babbel