Is Inner beauty a hoax?| WriterqueI

Is inner beauty a hoax? No, the society and everybody else makes it herculean, we're subjected to an illusion of the perfect skin and body and that is why alot of people do invest so much time and effort into it, we forget that who we are on the outside is transitory and subjective which gives it a very little value, this term is made by people who have a deeper perspective into life, in-depth skeptics basically who wished for the better world and to reduce differences which isn't wrong. First impression is probably your physical appearance but when it comes to long-term relationships in general, the deciding factor here is probably your inner-self, so for the long term it values more and even for the short-term who knows, outside of who you are maybe a quick attraction but it's worthless if you are not valued for your qualities and skills.

The world cannot function without both, some unique qualities generate new ideas which influences change and so much more, we may categorize 'ugly' subjectively, something which I don't like for example, can be liked by somebody else and vice-versa.

When it comes to our responses towards those sentient individuals, who differ from the generalizations, the least we can do is to not make them feel like they're either a burden or different than us, because we're all humans, what I said is pretty basic but when it comes to actually doing something about it, we all lose our senses and our initial response is judgement, the best thing you can do is to keep it to yourself if it's something negative, whatever comes to your mind aren't fixations about a thing, you're still given a choice to either make it one or change it for the better over time! So, you can either make people's day or ruin it, be wise because when it comes to doing something positive, personally and it requires effort I often think about being in trouble and seeing people respond like I am currently to the situations so I influence my behavior like my expectations from the others to be fair you know....!