Is being selfish not really that bad always?

Updated: Feb 17

Everyone knows that being selfish brings satisfaction, joy etc but when things don't cost us, not financially everytime but the other way round. It's not always that things will be in control slowly or to the contrary for some, quickly things start getting out hand without us even realizing it, and when we realize it, either the consequences are irreversible or just too hard to pull through it or we're just so much into it that we're not conscious in a way to even think of it as something problematic.

I gotta agree that we're all selfish about something or the other but we need to understand where does the line draw. There are people who're selfish about something but completely selfless about the others so is it still problematic? Let's look at the following example

When you hear the word alone, what comes to your mind? Do you picturize someone confined and unhappy? It can be a yes but a no as well and both are totally acceptable. Picturize a girl in a cafe listening to music, alone. To her, alone doesn't necessarily mean lonely but rather peaceful. In other words, we can create different perspectives of this word.

So, selfishness can be a person who is self-assured, conscious of oneself, and in todays world not taking care of yourself or not being selfish, it's hard to stand up for ourselves. Society considers selflessness as the ultimate form of kindness but the con here is we don't necessarily prioritize our well-being we then just put the needs of others at first before our own.

To the contrary a selfish person may be someone who disregards the feeling of others. And that's problematic because you're just so into yourself, and also its hard to associate with others if you keep showing that all that you care about is yourself.

selfishness can mean we hurt others as we ruthlessly strive to satisfy our own needs, thinking about profiting from others makes you dependent on them for your happiness and satisfaction.

Selfishness can lead to addiction, but at the same time giving time to yourself is essential and that is acceptable whilst you make sure you're not being irresponsible and doing something which is or which will put others happiness at stake. So there's good and bad selfishness. You gotta take care of your own needs to help others

So, remember the importance of being selfish is equivalent to the importance of being selfless in living a human life. The latter is not possible without the former. Much of our modern world is an existence that forces people to forget that they are human. We often live like parasites, taking all that is necessary from others for our own individual gain. It is when we begin to selfishly love ourselves and selflessly love others that we become in touch with our humanity.


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