A quick guide to starting a blog in 2022- Writerque

Updated: Feb 17

We've thought about starting a blog, atleast at some point or even if not you may wanna do it somewhat sooner. People think about it, with great ideas but what lacks is execution skills.

In this blog, I'd give you tips and ideas to get started with your very own blog!

  1. Select a niche and keep working on that- A niche is a specialized segment, it's important to decide what kind of blog you wanna write. Let's say if it's about personal care then you keep writing on similar topics and not like switch to tech or whatever all of a sudden. People will start following you according to the niche you choose. Maybe according to this scenario you've gained followers based on personal care content and people expect more of it but out of nowhere if you're gonna give them techy content, you're gonna push away your current followers.

  2. Select a good blog name- If you fail to find a blog name you can go on sites such as themeisle.com , DomainWheel.com , Zyro business name generator, wordoid etc and put in the keyword you'll then see some suggestions and pick one that you like

  3. Select the correct platform- I suggest that, if you're new to blogging then start with a free blog but then after a month if you learn enough, It's highly recommended to switch to a premium plan. If you're advanced then start with premium Now, the blogging apps that I recommend personally are:- If you're a newbie then consider Wix, it's super flexible. Blogger.com is less flexible as compared to wix, Later if you've gained enough experience you can either switch to wordpress or continue with a premium plan on wix itself, it's worth it. Secondly, if you wanna start off with premium then doubtlessly go for wordpress. These are some apps that I highly reccomend for anyone and everyone after surfing for years on this.

  4. Selecting the correct keywords for your website and blog- Your entire life depends on it lol, so make sure you use correct keywords for you entire website as well as blog. I recommend sites such as zutrix, semrush, ahrefs, keywordtool.io, wordstream.in to help you out with it as its exceptionaly important.

  5. Ubersuggest- Well I havent seen a better tool, it's a super cool web thingy, you can paste your competitors web url and you can view their succees stats, their traffic, their keywords literally anything that'll help you compete!

  6. Understand What SEO is and how it works- It's important to have in depth knowledge because there's a thing that if you choose to copy paste someone else's work and think that nobody's gonna know, it's not true, well with that the entire traffic will go to the original creators website, because SEO Functions that way, make sure everything is original or atleast typed in your own words.

  7. Track Track Track- Analyze where is the traffic coming to your website, infact investing is awesome you can use Instagram for paid promotions, generate an AD and circulate it as well as redirect it to your website

  8. Patience and consistency- Don't quit, it takes time for SEO to rank you. Just be consistent and don't take blogging as a liability and go on.