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We've either learnt a language in school/ college or maybe we think about learning them in the future. The first language that I took in school was French, and French grammar is way too complicated (for me at least) there were days where I lost marks because I failed to remember the gender of my toothbrush, but anyways the way school teaches us language is not enough, in the 4th year of learning french, I Actually made efforts to learn. I did succeed but then eventually I just didn't prioritize time for it, and that led to me forgetting it. In one year, I tried learning it 4 times but, I failed them in all and it felt terrible because you kept forgetting stuff that you previously learnt, with enough efforts made, I actually could learn french. Alright so let's understand the problems and their solutions.

  1. Lack of passion- In some of my other blog posts too, I mentioned the difference when you take things as a liability instead of an opportunity. If you're supposed to learn a language, like a chore you're not getting anywhere with it, there are countless ways by which you can make learning a language better and interesting. When I started to learn Norwegian, I watched Tv shows in that language and honestly, I ended up reaching conversational fluency in a year. Similarly, you can watch movies, tv shows, music and what not?

  2. Stop researching but actually get some work done- It's cool that people have some nice tips out there, but when you keep researching and not implementing those doesn't actually get the work done, so step back and devote time to implementing what you learnt.

  3. Not setting a schedule- Its important to create momentum, There's a lot to know when you learn a language. You need to commit to learning a language. It just doesn't happen automatically, I know we're all busy people with needs and responsibilities but even if you devote 20-30 minutes to even get started with it, you'll see a lot of progress. You just need to better manage your time.

  4. Try multiple approaches- You and I may/ may not learn from the same technique. I don't learn very well from traditional methods such as books, but you might. So never underestimate the value of any technique.

  5. Don't plateau at one level- when you're just new to a language you learn quickly and there's a lot to learn but once you reach an intermediate level, we plateau because we know the essentials, one way is to interact with natives when you just reach that point. There are a lot of YouTubers you can watch that make videos in your language. Language learning never ends, there's always more to learn so keep it going.

  6. Languages are hard, they need time- Some languages are significantly harder than others, if you're new to language learning try learning at an easier level not because you can't learn a language but to actually understand how is a language learnt. Some people abandon languages because they believe they're making no progress, but this isn't true. Even if you believe you're not making progress there is still an amount of improvement. So Just keep it going

  7. Break down big goals into Lil chunks- One more thing you can do is to, turn bigger goals into chunks so that they're achievable. Let's say, I plan on learning 100 new words in 1 week, I'll most probably turn that into 14/15 words per day. That's gonna give me more satisfaction. Like that

  8. It's okay to take breaks-It's important to not feel bad for missing out on learning a language today, example you forgot, I implement this 2-day rule in my life, that is not skipping any habit that I'm willing to adapt to, abandon for more than 2 days.

  9. Have clearer goals- If you don’t have goals, you don’t have direction. If you don’t have direction, it’s really hard to make progress. Without goals, a casual language learner might pick up a few words here and there but is unlikely to make any real, noticeable strides forward, which can create the illusion that they can’t learn languages. Make goals, turn them into bits and go on...

  10. Practice often, don't abandon. Have a 'This is hard, But I Can learn how to do it' Mindset instead of 'This is hard, I can't do it' mindset. Because these things are achievable, only if we wish to achieve them......

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