Improving your writing skills- The POP writing framework

Recently, I stumbled across David Perell and discovered one of the most amazing methods for writing, so I decided to give it a go.

POP writing method refers to Personal, Observational and Playful, well certainly the combination and balance of these 3 are a solid way to keep your readers hooked to your ideas and the perfect balance of these 3 depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, so let’s break this down.

Keeping it personal is about ideas that touch the heart strings, it’s about telling your own stories that people can relate to, like a personal journal and to speak to your emotions which help people make the connection.

Making it observational is about getting hold on the stuff that other people generally miss out on, when you read something give it a moment and try to figure out what is missing and try to add it on, observational writing isn’t necessarily personal or playful it generally consists of certain facts.

And to make it playful means adding a personality, a vibe or maybe a flavor and its got some fun.

Too much of a personal writing can make it feel like an unedited personal diary which the readers doesn’t really have anything to do with or make the reader question themselves ‘Oh, well why should I care?’ and similarly too much of any of it can make it quite hollow and won’t really allow the readers to engage with your blog, and of the best ways to improve that David Perell suggests is to not run to your pen and paper but to read your favorite writers through the POP lens, Identify the balance of personal, observational and playfulness and as soon as you get back to writing, get started with keeping the triads in mind.