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Updated: Feb 17

What we dont see is that sometimes doing less increases our efficiency leading to better results, just hang on a bit. Seemingly endless rotation of one thing or the other, hella crazy. You've got limited amount of time in your day, and its exceptionally important to prioritize and streamline and understand that piling up everything in your day will not make you more productive. Well, doing less is actually doing more I'm not saying that doing nothing is doing everything but doing what is important and urgent is doubtlessly better. I know we are busy people but most mistakes are made when you're trying to put all the eggs in one basket. It seems that there's a consensus amongst productivity gurus and highly successful people: the less you do, with greater focus, the more impactful, accomplished and fulfilled you will be.

Well, when you've got your mind in 5 different places, you don't do quality work. We don't get to choose the amount of work we get, but we get to choose how well it gets done. I often think about, if I am doing my work and I have to do it, then why not just do my best. When you do less work, you're more focused on one thing, because I know I plan and prioritize things according to what circumstances I'm pulled into. You actually understand what is going on, I know things are important but I guess at times, we need to and have to differentiate between important and urgent. On Days where I have alot on my plate, I dont hesistate in putting up that 'important' task stacked into some another day maybe and prioritize that Urgent task.

If you really wanna hit tangible results then you have to learn to prioritze tasks and just not try to hit 10 enemies with a single bullet. You're surely gonna have better better clarity on your priorities , there are gonna be fewer opportunitites that will be side tracked and so on. So if you really dont wanna feel overwhelmed and do really good quality work then try doing less because that's gonna give you exceptional results.

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