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Updated: Feb 17

We all have times where going next feels impossible. We gotta figure out if the goals you've set are worth pursuing, Trying is awesome you learn alot, but to optimize and eliminate is incredibly essential keeping in mind the circumstances. Sometimes When you have limited amount of time, you have to do whats more important and whats gonna give you more credibility.

so firstly, How do we figure out if the goals are worth pursuing?

Goals worth pursuing are those goals which you personally have a significant interest in achieving, that you care enough about to work hard and consistently at making it happen. Another criteria is choosing what matters to you more — and what matters at least a little bit less. Quite simple and practical.

Next, It's also important to understand that Good things take time but also how do we exactly hold up till that time?

A thing that you're pursuing and then you feel it's gonna take you lets say a year but if you don't see results you quit, maybe the results could've been 2 years, 3 years or 5 years and then you miss out on your Success. Majority of the times before people quit, they get stuck.All of us make ourselves victims of our circumstances to escape our respective realities. I'm Gonna elaborate my stance.

For example, there is a candidate who aspires to be a civil servant but quits or drops this idea based on the fact that it's too much and his competitors study for about 10 hours every single day.

One thing over here is, things are complicated. I agree but there's a 'because' to it, the because is things are complicated because, you haven't looked for solutions to make it easier for yourself. According to this example, civil services are tough, but its not impossible. Instead of focusing on the main goal and judging your progress or success ratio in regard to becoming a civil servant is gonna be comparitively less, and that'll make you feel that you're not having any progress. I strongly believe that, whilst you're in it, your goals should be the bits of the goal process to give you a sense of accomplishment and acts as a barrier and keep you away from quitting.

The second thing is, because there is 'too much' your entire focus is on the process and not the product. If you won't make efforts, you're hardly getting anything. It's like wanting to go for a world tour while sitting at home. Things that keep me going are the products.

I've elaborated in some of my other blogposts on how to make things more enjoyable! Check them out..

We all wanna be in our peace and not struggle, but one thing I would like to add on here is, Take any person who has been successful of your choice, you will see the outcome but you what you should see but you dont, is their effort. For someone in shape, you're seeing the outcome but not their efforts. Realize this, What is on the other side of that difficulty or hardship? Very likely the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. If you get through this phase you'll get what you've been waiting for it's that simple. Just like in videogames, when you find zombies that means you're on the correct path. Then the final Idea that was inspired by a book called Atomic Habits by James Clear, is the Importance of falling in love with systems rather than goals, I mentioned earlier that goals can take alot more time than you expect, but the thing is to make the goal process interesting that you're attracted to it and don't really have to even take into note that you're doing something for the goal and having it into your everyday schedule, if you do this. Goals will be like a side-effect (a positive one ofc).

I post every week, stay tuned! Thank you for reading:)



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