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Updated: Feb 17

One small change lasts an eternity, and one small reframing of your mindset can cascade into larger and more impactful changes later down the line, Process these negative emotions from these negative experiences and turn them into the thoughts that give us a unique perspective of the world. Hey everyone! I know we all have something or the other throwing at our faces, And this little blog is gonna tell you, How I get clarity about small little things.

So the first thing is Elimination- the best form of optimization Often I believe there are 7+billion people in the world and I can't even imagine what all perspectives they all do have about small little things. I realized that with all that content that social sites such as Youtube provides to you if you don't optimize and eliminate what fits you or what goes well with your aim you're surely ending up in a mess.

lemme give you an example, I was looking at some nice stuff, then I first encountered a video which said: "Self-improvement is the key" and another video which said why self-improvement is ruining your life it had an emphasis to how we forget to live our whilst we work on improving ourselves. Now it's me who had to figure out, I think If I ought to live my life right now and not work on improving of what I already know, I'm gonna go down the line. Similarly, it's very essential to figure out what's the best for you, then eliminate things so that you get a clear list of what is to be done/needed.

The second thing is to understand the value of re-evaluation.

Re-evaluation plays a big role in my life, I do it frequently. Re-evaluation of my skills/goals/goal-process helps me figure out the following:

  1. Helps me ascertain if I'm on the right track, let's me know the accuracy and viability of my plans

  2. Helps in Re-strategizing as I discover what is and isn’t working so that improvements can be made.

  3. It helps me to know if my hopeful outcome is within the reason or even gives me an idea if it's still worth pursuing.

I also write down whatever Ideas and thoughts come into my mind because our brain is not meant to hold stuff, things come into our mind and go away but then when I choose to take note of them I actually know what's going on. Make a journal and trust me it's worth it.

The third thing is to not over-do

It's important to understand that you do better if you have a specified task, you get to concentrate on it fully and don't have a diverted brain to keep thinking about 20 other tasks, so again make a list and categorize them according to their importance and get started with what's the most urgent and important. I remember the time When Every action that I did was on my to-do list and oh my god. So, make sure you write down stuff according to their Importance and don't hesitate to eliminate things if you think they're not worth your time


Make time to do things that you like

I spend 1-2 hours doing exactly what I like, I always and everyday spend time to play the piano, draw, write blogs etc and it does wonders because this break is sort of a reward that I give to myself after doing something that I don't like but still I had to do! Life is temporary and I believe we humans should not spend our lives doing what we don't like but if its essential you should prioritize time for things that you like, the same way.

Thank you for reading!


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