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Updated: Feb 17

Unfortunately, It's a common thing for students to say they hate school, and I'd say that for a couple of years I was prescribed to that way of thinking as I was like yea the only thing we do in there is memorize things and like we're not learning anything interesting and stuff like that. Months before, I entered High-school I developed interest into reading articles online and language learning, reading books and studies on self-improvement and more, And I think, learning new things in general just gives me energy and it makes me excited about the world and I think one of the best feelings in life is having genuine passion for life you know to be like 'Oh yeah, tomorrow's gonna be so exciting' and 'what will I be doing in a year, where will I be' and I think learning can take in so many ways, the other day I was watching some Videos on YouTube and for once I was like I'm so unproductive, and I thought I could be learning how to edit videos, get better at graphic designing and much more and the next day I was like I uh- what was I thinking, In the future I wanna do something related to content creation and stuff, watching YouTubers that inspire me could be really one of the most productive things that I could be doing because earlier I was so off-top with everything I didn't learn how to graphic design and start blogging by taking courses and things, I learnt by seeing other people do things and learn it from them similarly, I could visit a website to search something and necessarily it isn't the worst thing I'm doing with my time because I could at any moment get any inspired by any layout or theme that I could possibly implement with my own work and that's how ideas work. Watching some netflix could be just as productive as reading a book because you never know what you can take away from a situation and that's how we learn as youngsters, we learn by seeing people do things and learning it from them, influences are everywhere but if you really perceive things in a confined way such as having a rigid mindset that watching random videos on YouTube is wasting time then you really create limitations for yourself because you're rigid about the fact that you really can't learn anything and that you know kinda sticks in there and then you don't pick up what you can, I watch a video on YouTube maybe that could influence me to shoot a video in the future in a certain way but for that to happen you gotta accept that you can learn and it is beyond books.

Going out in the evenings by myself makes me feel refreshed, so let's say if I didn't go out in the evenings because I felt that it takes alot of time, my productivity would've gone down because going out makes me feel good and that feeling I'd say influences me to work better and if you focus on building one better habit in every aspect it connects to one another because it's all just related and it all goes back to education, being well-informed, being liberal about new perspectives, listening and sharing as this is everything we work for, It all comes down to perspective, now thinking about discovering and achieving your goals is just because you have that mindset, I wanted to be better with myself in various aspects and I'm doing something about it because I thought It is possible to do it in the first place, it's what you consume that fills up your thoughts and your thoughts fill up your mind and your mind controls how you act, so if you could just control what you consume , you'll control how you think and how you act so just shifting your mindset to perceive a better perspective further motivates you to influence the next thing you do in a better way!