Getting better at task-management

Updated: Feb 17

Well there are times where things just get thrown at us, unwantedly and then you're just like why so in this blog I'd most probably tell you how to handle things better and not feel burdened or overwhelmed, so yea bare with me!

  1. Calm down and write everything down- Well we don't exactly know how to calm down the best thing to do is inhale deeply and waste all the oxygen, kidding inhale and that'll probably calm you down a bit, take a pen and a paper if not then your laptop and write everything down from what you're supposed to do to how you're feeling trust me it helps alot.

  2. Make a process- Probably when you figure out what you gotta do, maybe it's time to make a step-by-step process for it! Make sure it's not very complicated.

  3. The 2-minute rule- This rule is about doing any task which can be finished under 2-5 minutes, do it then and there!

  4. Brainstorming: The act of generating dozens of ideas without editing or censoring yourself. Lots of people use mindmaps for this: stick the thing you want to think about in the middle (a problem you need to solve, a theme you want to write about, etc.) and start writing whatever you think of. Build off of each of the sub-topics, and each of their sub-topics. Don’t worry about whether the ideas are any good or not — you don’t have to follow through on them, just get them out of your head. After a while, you’ll start surprising yourself with some really creative concepts.

  5. Create a time-log- it's essential to understand and track your time in order to use it more effectively, you gotta be accountable for yourself.

  6. Start Early- For somethings that you know you'll have to do it anyway then just start it already, in advance.