Getting work done when you dont feel like it|Writerque

Updated: Feb 17

We all deal with this, infact at times all I wanna do is watch movies and second any urgent task for school. Well, having fun isn't that bad at all, but there's supposed to be a balance. I watch Movies/Tv shows on regular basis, get work done, Write blogs every week, keep upgrading my skills etc. Alot of people do it too, so right onto the topic, I'll give you some tips and more to help you just do what you like and also get done what is important and especially if you don't feel like it.

  1. Work for 2-3 minutes intentionally- I use it almost everyday, just force yourself to do that task that you don't like for 2-3 minutes and suprisingly, it works. It get's me to continue the task that I'd been lingering on for a while.

  2. Reward yourself- Do that often it's quite simple yet practical when things get rewarded they get repeated, when get's punished it gets avoided. Reward behaviour that you wanna see repeating,

  3. Take more breaks than usual- Well, it's fine if you take 3/4 breaks instead 1/2 , and it really isn't that bad because it's way better than not doing anything at all in the first place.

  4. Caffeine is magic- well if you wanna avoid it, completely fine, but for me I like to have cold-drinks xD to boost me up, But it's completely optional.

  5. Prioritize- That day you probably have to cross out on tasks that are not 'urgent' and do what will matter if you don't do it. Not exercising for a day just because you're feeling tired won't make much of a difference rather doing an assignment, whose deadline is today will matter much more, so be wise in choosing the task that you wanna do.

  6. Plan something great- after you've done the work it'll make you feel more satisfied for example let's say I don't wanna do my homework but if I don't do it, I have consequences and let's say I do it, no negative consequences the works get done and ah no guilt for anything you do after you're done finishing it so you're free to chill out after that.

Thanks :D