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Updated: Feb 17

  1. Set achievable Goals- Firstly, it's important to set goals, as a result you're clear with what you aiming for, but at the same time, it's also important to understand the importance of setting achievable goals and divide the goals into a goal process and then categorize these bits of the goal process into accomplishments to make you feel fulfilled.

  2. Eliminate- Elimination is the best form of optimization, not to say most of the info takes alot of time to get consumed by us, and sometimes when you have alot on your plate it's important to prioritize and eliminate so that you just don't have a bunch of unnecessary details filling up your time.

  3. Start with the most troublesome task- Who likes getting stabbed by some irritating tasks, I wanna learn languages but I don't like to spend time for it, I don't know why, So I've made a rule to wake up do some bits and the first task that I do is to learn a language so that I don't keep delaying that which'll eventually impact my overall learning. Start with what you don't find interesting!

  4. Create lists- Start creating lists, I have like monthly tasks created at the start of each month, weekly tasks created at the start of every week and daily tasks either the day before during the night or in the morning, I think our brain isn't meant to hold stuff, so I don't trust my brain enough, so rather than missing out on a task which'll cost me my entire life, I prefer jotting them down so that I'm clear with what I'm supposed to do, if it's already pre-planned!

  5. Time-Blocking- It's been really nice not gonna lie, time-blocking in really simple and raw words is allocating a fixed amount of time to a task so that you don't spend forever on completing it. It allows you to stay on schedule and just really it makes you conscious about the way you actually use your time and then the stuff get's done without compromising the next task.

  6. Sleep- I don't know, but we really under-estimate sleep. I agree,We could've gotten alot more done if we humans had the ability to just not sleep but unfortunately that isn't happening, sleep is so damn important, I don't know but lack of sleep causes ineffeciency in doing your tasks consciously and it reduces your focus span which actually is responsible for getting something in your head. If someday I'd be sleepy and let's say I have a task left you know, without being guilty I'd sleep then wake up early the next day and then do it, I then atleast know what I'm doing so never under-estimate the power of sleep and incase you're still not convinced I really suggest that you read Why we sleep by Matthew Walker

  7. Plan and start early- well practically it allows you to not feel as overwhelmed as you'd feel if you hadn't done anything. Like, I don't really think I gotta elaborate this point, Do I have to? but for real like starting early allows you to spend more time at places where you should spend more time and otherwise you'd not be able to because of time-crunch.

  8. Don't multi-task- Multi-tasking isn't the best solution to get things get done really it's like, like a diverted brain doesn't really give the best results, so if you're really willing to do qualitative work instead of quantitative work, then just for real focus on things one by one.

  9. Start with a purpose- If you really don't know why you're doing a certain thing, I suggest making time to understand why you're doing it, When you don't have a purpose you really don't know what you're doing and why you're doing it which basically makes your efforts meaningless. Purpose makes things meaningful and it makes thing important and valuable so yea find the 'why' of any task that you're wanting to do.

  10. Avoid perfectionism- Things can always be better, there's nothing really perfect there can be changes made at times where you think it's the dead-end. Perfectionism will make you see fault in almost everything, Nothing is perfect I know but having this mindset of things being perfect will just make you feel less-confident and more confined to ideas, because a thing isn't a perfect according to you wouldn't allow you to share that thing with others and the things that aren't the best according to you still does hold value to a number of people so just get away with this mindset.